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Preparing For Breastfeeding

Are you an expecting mom who has made the decision to breastfeed? Then congratulations, both for having the bun baking in your oven, and for choosing to give your baby the best start in life via breastfeeding. You’re in for quite a bonding experience! However, before attempting your first latch with the baby, you might want to gather some tips to help prepare yourself for what’s to come.

Find a Way to Manage Stress

With a newborn in your life, stress is pretty much inevitable. There’s really no way to completely eliminate all stress when you’re still actively trying to learn the ropes of parenting. However, if you can at least somewhat manage the stress, it’s going to make breastfeeding a whole lot easier.

This is because stress that’s not being dealt with, can actually make it harder for you to achieve milk letdown. So while you’re still pregnant, figure out what relaxation method works best for you. Then rely on that method during the early days of breastfeeding.

Establish Your Support System

Being a new mom is tiring. And when you’re the one responsible for making sure the baby’s fed for every single feeding day and night, you’re going to need some support. So prior to your baby’s date of birth, try to get your support system in place. Let those close to you know how you’re going to need their assistance.

Accept offers to help with cooking and cleaning. Also, it generally helps to discuss breastfeeding prior with either a lactation consultant or a friend who’s successfully breastfed before. This way you can cut out all of your concerns before starting the process, and at the same time you’re creating a support system.

Gather All Breastfeeding Supplies

You’re born with everything that’s required for breastfeeding your baby. However, if you wish to make nursing sessions more comfortable for both you and the baby, there are definitely things that are going to be worthy of your investment:

  1. A nursing cover will help to provide you with some privacy when nursing on the go.
  2. A breast pump will allow you to have some alone time away from the baby every now and then.
  3. Nursing bras will provide the much needed support for your lactating breasts while simultaneously making your breasts easily accessible for the baby.
  4. A nursing pillow will allow you to nurse your baby without hunching over for extended periods of time.

Obviously, you can wait to buy any or all of these breastfeeding supplies as the need arises. However, with a newborn on your hands it can be challenging to find time to shop (Plus who doesn’t need another excuse to go shop?). Therefore, it’s much more convenient to gather all breastfeeding supplies ahead of time.