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Mother’s Day has become Mother’s Month

You heard it exactly right!  With your help, we look not only to celebrate Mother’s Day in 2014, but make the month of May, Mother’s Month.   So what is the plan?

With Mother’s Day approaching, many of us are getting our Moms cards, flowers, presents, treats, etc.  (Or we are hoping some, or all the above, is done for us!)  But our moms have been great to us for quite some time and maybe this year they deserve just a little bit more than a day.

Can we all take a step back to reminisce on how impactful our mothers were in our development?  The great things they have taught us over the years?  The values they have instilled in us that we set to instill in our own children?

We would like to hear about how great your mom is or was.  Send a photo (if possible), along with a brief note (100 words max) written about why you love and appreciate your mother so much.

We will repost your image and note to our Facebook page. So please do not send anything you do not want shared.  We want to share an image with a note everyday for the month of May.  We can only make this happen with your help.  Thank you all, in advance, for letting us into your life and sharing your wonderful photos and notes with us.  We look forward to reading about the great values that helped make you such a beautiful person.

Send your photo and note using any of the following methods:

Emailing info@driacover.com, Facebook Direct Messenger (on our Facebook page), or in the comments below.

Thank you!

mom hugs daughter

Wow…Moms Learn How Teens Really Feel

As a parent, there may not be much praise received on a day-to-day basis, especially from your children.  So it is an great feeling getting to hear how much your children love and appreciate you.  No matter if you think you already know how much they care, nothing compares to hearing it directly from them.

Below is a video of just that.  Several teen girls recorded a video with their mothers, telling them exactly how they feel and what their mothers mean to them.  From the way these young women present themselves to what they say to their mothers; it is obvious these mothers have done excellent jobs in raising these young ladies.

***Sharing of this video is ENCOURAGED!!  As stated in the original description of this video on Global Moms Challenge’s YouTube Channel, every time this video is shared Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 (per share, up to $250,000) to help improve the health and well-being of moms and children worldwide through MAMA, Shot@Life, and Girl Up.  Also, check out Melissa Hillebrenner’s post on the BabyCenter.com blog to learn more about her and her organization’s initiatives***

Has your child ever sat down with you and said what you mean to them?  Have you done this with any of your parents?  How did it make them and you feel after? Share your thoughts in the comments below.