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Will the Royal Baby Boy be Breastfed Under a Nursing Cover?

Yesterday, we found out that after about 14 hours of labor, the Duchess, Kate Middleton, gave birth to a healthy royal baby boy who weighed in at 8 lbs and 6 oz.

Many of us probably received our first notification of her delivery via Twitter, but it appears that royal family decided to stick with traditions in the initial announcement of the little, Royal Highness Prince of Cambridge (the baby’s formal title).  They first announced the baby’s new arrival with an official bulletin signed by the Duchess’ medical team placed on a wooden easel in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace.

It appears that the Royal family’s set on preserving their traditions while still keeping with the times, in ways they see fit.  This brings up the topic of, “Will the Duchess and Duke follow family traditions in how they care for and raise their child?”  Will they follow even widespread traditions, such as nursing their child?  If they do choose to breastfeed the little prince, will the princess do so in privacy, out of the public eye?  Or will the princess become a modern breastfeeding mother in public, with or without a nursing cover?  Also, will we one day see The Duke of Cambridge wearing his baby boy in a carrier?  We can’t wait to see what they do, how their decisions effect the maternity/parenting communities, and to just catch a glimpse of them as a family with their newest addition.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think the Duchess will breastfeed in public and have any type of affect on our communities?  What do you think they will name their baby boy?

3 gadgets every mom needs

3 Mom Gadgets She Can’t Go Without This Summer

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With the kids out of school, and the smaller ones learning to walk…our babies get into more during the summer months.  We keep them safe by baby-proofing everything we can.  But there are some things we could use a little help with in protecting our little ones.  Below are 3 gadgets that every mom/parent would benefit from not only this summer, but all year round!

*Driacover is not an affiliate of any of these products or companies.  The featured products and companies are only viewed as potentially making our moms’ and babies’ lives safer and easier.

1.  Swimming Pool Alarm

This is a monitor/alarm that attaches to your child’s wrist, similar to a wristwatch, that will sound the coupled alarm in your possession once the child’s wrist monitor hits water.  Perfect for those of us that have multiple, busy little ones to keep an eye on and pools with an open gate or no gate are near.

2. Child Locator

This is another monitor/alarm that attaches to your child’s wrist (or to their clothes).    If your child drifts off more than about 30 feet, your alarm will sound.  Also, if you need to locate your child, simply hit a button to make their alarm sound loudly.  Awesome for those family outings in crowded places like the state fair, Sea World, Nordstrom’s, etc.


3.   Baby Seat liner

This is something that you mainly use in the summertime.  This is a liner that you can place in your baby’s seat to keep them cool and even-tempered on those hot summer days in the car, beach, lake, etc.


These are just 3 great gadgets that I came across that I would personally consider buying for my own family.  Do you have any helpful, awesome mom gadgets you use and would like to share?  Would you, or have you, used any of these?  Opinions?

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