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Summer Sale 10% Off all Designs

In honor of the summer we are offering %10 off all of our DRIA Cover Styles, for a limited time.  All of our covers are soft & breathable and are comfortable even in warmer climates.  If you had been looking at a cover and debating on purchasing, now is the time to buy, while the sun is shining 😉

Mothers Day Special: Free Shipping

To show our support and appreciation for all mothers, present and future, we are offering free shipping on all covers ordered through Sunday May 13th.  This is the perfect time to get yourself or someone you know our perennial favorite style the Oslo or our newest hot seller the Newport.

Happy Mothers Day With Love,

DRIA Cover


High Fashion for New Moms

There is a brand new nursing cover on the market designed specifically with the on-the-go fashionista mom in mind, who wants to be cute and stylish while still remaining fully covered during this delicate time.  The DRIA Cover is part of a growing trend in women’s fashion that has been largely ignored from the high-fashion world.  It is the only multi-functional cover that has it all is a fashion accessory, provides full coverage to nursing mom, and an infant car seat and stroller canopy.  Its poncho-like design is very stylish and fashion-forward.

The DRIA is available in variety of beautiful high-end prints and fabrics and many of them are limited designer patterns from labels such as Theory, Cavailli, and Missoni.  It looks, feels and hangs more stylishly and elegantly than any other cover.  Any mom looks simply beautiful and hip during a time when many women feel uncomfortably not.  The DRIA even makes a great top paired with jeans to create a chic look while discretely nursing.

The fabrics stretch four-ways to fit perfectly over almost any car seat or stroller and protect babies from the sun’s harsh rays while still remaining very breathable and cool.  The neck hole goes right over the stroller or car seat handle and even allows mom to peak in to check on her sleeping baby.  For today’s modern mom, the less you have to carry around the better and DRIA is certainly helps consolidate “mommy gear”.

Another feature of the DRIA that makes it stand out from the rest is that it is designed, cut and sewn all by hand locally with other small business companies in an effort to support the local community and economy.  Because many of the fabrics and prints are only available as limited editions, moms can also know they have something unique and beautiful that wasn’t mass-produced.

To see the complete list of styles available for the DRIA Cover, visit this page.

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