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appreciating mom

Mother’s Day has become Mother’s Month

You heard it exactly right!  With your help, we look not only to celebrate Mother’s Day in 2014, but make the month of May, Mother’s Month.   So what is the plan?

With Mother’s Day approaching, many of us are getting our Moms cards, flowers, presents, treats, etc.  (Or we are hoping some, or all the above, is done for us!)  But our moms have been great to us for quite some time and maybe this year they deserve just a little bit more than a day.

Can we all take a step back to reminisce on how impactful our mothers were in our development?  The great things they have taught us over the years?  The values they have instilled in us that we set to instill in our own children?

We would like to hear about how great your mom is or was.  Send a photo (if possible), along with a brief note (100 words max) written about why you love and appreciate your mother so much.

We will repost your image and note to our Facebook page. So please do not send anything you do not want shared.  We want to share an image with a note everyday for the month of May.  We can only make this happen with your help.  Thank you all, in advance, for letting us into your life and sharing your wonderful photos and notes with us.  We look forward to reading about the great values that helped make you such a beautiful person.

Send your photo and note using any of the following methods:

Emailing, Facebook Direct Messenger (on our Facebook page), or in the comments below.

Thank you!


Earth Day Get Dria Cover To Plant 100s Of Trees

On Earth Day many of us recognize the beauty of our planet and actively show support for its preservation.  Although Dria Cover admires several charitable organizations when it comes to giving back to the earth, they have  chosen to use just one in their recent Earth Day campaign.

Also read article:  5 Earth Day Charities Any Parent Would Love

As stated in the infographic below: Dria Cover will donate $10 for each Dria Cover that is sold from 4/22 – 4/30.  Each $10 donation will pay for 100 trees to be planted through Trees For The Future, an organization set on making our future environment better than it is today by adding more beneficial trees to the world.

Dria Cover Earth Day Infographic

What are you doing for Earth Day?  Will you be donating in some way?  Will you participate in an activity geared toward making our planet a better place? Let us know in the comments below.

If you are looking to contribute by breastfeeding and ordering a Driacover, click here to see the various styles you can choose from.

Earth top view

5 Earth Day Charities Any Parent Would Love

April 22nd is Earth Day, a day when the entire world actively celebrates the earth we live on.  Many people and organizations around the world will demonstrate their support for environmental protection in many ways.  Some will plant trees, utilize alternative environmentally-friendly energy sources, pick up trash near the freeway, and more.  People all show their support in different ways; either as an individual or team.  There is no wrong way of celebrating Earth Day, as long as what you do that day is in support of bettering the environment.

One of the biggest ways people like to contribute on Earth Day is by donating to charities that are determined to make the environment a better place.  While there are many amazing organizations in the world, there are 5 that we thought stood out to us as a team and company.  Our top 5 Earth Day charities are as follows:

Trees For The Future

An organization known for planting 10 trees for every $1 they receive.   They are first on our list because without trees, not only would there be no oxygen to breathe but there would be no Beech trees to make soft, breathable fabrics, you find in products like the Dria Cover. ; )

Reef Check

An organization that takes care of the ocean around us by protecting the coral reef and marine life below.   This is second on our list because we love living in beautiful San Diego, California, and the ocean is a major reason why.  We would like to preserve the beauty of our beaches and oceans, not only for our enjoyment but our children’s children to get the chance to love them as well.

Solar Electric Light Fund

An organization that that utilizes solar energy to help propel developing communities in the right direction.  Third, for fact that they are doing more than creating energy to power communities.  Solar energy is allowing them to contribute to education, agriculture, health, enterprise, and more within these communities and make life better for everyone involved.


If Apple and Samsung can have lawyers on top of lawyers… why can’t the planet have a few also?  This is an organization that gives Earth the legal protection it deserves by paying for lawyers and lobbyists to work in support of the environment.  We really respect the mission of this organization and seeing the powers of professionals, such as lawyers, being put to use in admirable ways.

The Conservation Fund

An organization that sets out to conserve the earth’s ecosystems.  They believe that the better the water and air are on Earth, the better the people and animals will be on it.  This, of course, made our top 5 for the reason that their focus is to better the environment for everyone.  There are many respiratory issues, among other environment-related health issues, that we are seeing more and more of in our little ones daily.  It is calming to know there is an organization out there aiding in the elimination of sources that lead to these types of health issues.

While there are many amazing Earth-friendly organizations out there, these are the top 5 we saw as in alignment with the values of our team and company.  We would like to know what your favorite organizations are and why.  Can you tell us how does they affect you?  Please share.  Maybe in the future we will include your mentioned organization in our list.




mom hugs daughter

Wow…Moms Learn How Teens Really Feel

As a parent, there may not be much praise received on a day-to-day basis, especially from your children.  So it is an great feeling getting to hear how much your children love and appreciate you.  No matter if you think you already know how much they care, nothing compares to hearing it directly from them.

Below is a video of just that.  Several teen girls recorded a video with their mothers, telling them exactly how they feel and what their mothers mean to them.  From the way these young women present themselves to what they say to their mothers; it is obvious these mothers have done excellent jobs in raising these young ladies.

***Sharing of this video is ENCOURAGED!!  As stated in the original description of this video on Global Moms Challenge’s YouTube Channel, every time this video is shared Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 (per share, up to $250,000) to help improve the health and well-being of moms and children worldwide through MAMA, Shot@Life, and Girl Up.  Also, check out Melissa Hillebrenner’s post on the blog to learn more about her and her organization’s initiatives***

Has your child ever sat down with you and said what you mean to them?  Have you done this with any of your parents?  How did it make them and you feel after? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Breastfeeding baby with feet poking out of nursing cover

4 Breastfeeding Benefits All Moms Must Know

Benefits to the Baby

1) Colostrum Production

Breastfed baby sleep on Solana Driacover

Sleep and comfy breastfed baby

After birth, a woman’s breast milk contains a special liquid called colostrum. This yellow liquid is chock full of nutrients and antibodies that do more for your baby than formula. A woman’s body is designed to give just enough of this liquid,and as your baby grows and develops, the concentration of colostrum in the breast milk also changes to suit the needs of your child. This golden nectar also helps to develop the baby’s natural immune system. Breast milk is also easier for the baby to digest, which ensures the child doesn’t need to adjust like it would with formula. This helps to reduce the likelihood of diarrhea and an upset stomach.

Benefits to the Mother

2) Money Saved & Convenience Made

The breastfeeding benefits are not limited to the health of the baby. Mothers who breastfeed reap a plethora of benefits as well. Firstly it saves money and offers a convenience that cannot be matched by formula. The breasts are always ready to feed your child and there is no preparation involved (unless you are putting on a nursing cover to breastfeed); saving time before trips and throughout the day. Imagine not having to buy bottles and formula. You don’t have to ensure sterilization of equipment and there is no warming of the milk needed. When your baby is hungry, you are ready!

3) The “Love” Hormone

One of the most significant benefits to breastfeeding is the oxytocin release experienced by both mother and child. Regarded as the “Love” hormone, oxytocin is released during breastfeeding (partly due to skin on skin contact), which creates a bond and provides overall well-being to those involved.

Breastfeeding is also linked to lower incidence of common health problems women experience: Type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and postpartum depression.


Societal Benefits

4) Healthy Living

Use a great carseat cover to protect your baby wherever they go

Live life to the fullest, with less worry to you and your little ones.

Breastfeeding helps society out immensely. As mentioned, it reduces the incidence of illness, which puts less pressure on hospitals to address ill health in our babies and youth, in general. Also, in countries less well off than other first world powers, the societal benefits of normalized breastfeeding should not be overlooked. It is a readily available resource in times of emergency and economic struggle. For those nations with poorer health care, the nutritional factors and presence of antibodies within breast milk could be the only guard the child has to prevent disease and hydration. Children fed breast milk do not need another hydration source, as breast milk provides all a child needs, even on the warmest and arid days.

A Few Problems?

The benefits of breastfeeding have been stated, but it is also important to consider the issues women can experience throughout this process. Like most things in life, you have to take the good with the bad.

Problem 1: Tender and sore breasts

When the breasts engorge with fresh milk, they may become extremely tender and sore. If you are using a method where breastfeeding and formula feeding are used in tandem, this tenderness may become amplified.

Solution: More frequent feedings will reduce discomfort.  Then on the other hand, more frequent feedings can sometimes lead to sore nipples, which usually are a result of a baby suckling too hard. There are products available to reduce pain and start the healing process.

Problem 2: Infection

Another potential issue is breast infection, referred to as mastitis. This occurs when bacteria enters into the milk duct.

Solution: Elicit the help of a professional. It is important to visit your doctor if you feel as though an infection has occurred. If breastfeeding is done correctly, these problems can be minimized, and the benefits certainly outweigh the risks.

There are books that can be written on this subject.  The benefits, problems, and solutions mentioned above are just a few on the subject of “breastfeeding.”   With you being our reader (and probably a mom that breastfeeds or has breastfed), we would like you at add what you feel would add to the value of this article.  What are some benefits you have experienced from breastfeeding?  Have you ran into any problems?  What solutions did you find?


**This is not the place to bully and belittle others.  Be mindful, and considerate of other mothers that have chosen to breastfeed or formula feed.  Everyone has their reasons, and no one should be criticized for their decisions concerning how they feed and care for their child.  So, please help us to keep the negativity away.**