Worlds Best Nursing Cover by DRIA

Adria - Founder of the DRIA Nursing CoverAdria O’Donnell is the founder of the DRIA Nursing cover, a fashionable poncho for pregnant and nursing moms that doubles as a stroller and car seat cover. Having struggled to find a good nursing cover during her first pregnancy, she developed the DRIA Cover to help cover her as well as her baby, and stay stylish at the same time.  Visit us at

The DRIA Cover was designed from its conception to be a truly one of kind product to provide Moms with a versatile and premium quality garment. The Dria is so much more than just a nursing cover, and here is why.


We couldn’t create a premium garment without the best fabric around. All of our covers are made from one of the softest, lightest, and most comfortable fabrics around, Modal. This fabric is light, breathable, and is highly wrinkle and shrink resistant. It only takes one touch to know that this is not run of the mill cotton.

Modal is crafted from the pulp and fiber of the Beechwood tree which comes only from forests which are managed in a sustainable way. The production itself generates recoverable energy through the reusable materials contained in wood. In fact, pulp production for this magnificent fabric is entirely energy self-sufficient and the whole process itself is completely carbon neutral, making it a truly green fabric.

Aside from green nature of the fabric our covers are truly some of the softest and most plush items of apparel around and are one of a kind within the realm of nursing covers.


All Dria Covers are hand cut and sewn locally in San Diego, California to ensure the highest measure of manufacturing quality. Our covers fit a broad spectrum of body types and are designed to be able fit comfortably over any stroller or car seat. The cover fits comfortably as a poncho without looking like any typical type of ‘maternity’ item, and has plenty of space for your baby to discreetly nurse without the obvious appearance of many other nursing covers. The neckline is stretchy enough to be easily pulled aside to check on your baby or make eye contact while feeding.


Unlike anything else out there, the Dria Cover truly does it all. With so many necessary items in our diaper bags, we need all the space and simplicity we can get. Dria Cover truly is the Swiss Army Knife of maternity products.

  • Fashionable enough be to worn even when not nursing, it is the perfect maternity poncho.
  • Nurse in style, not an apron. Dria provides full coverage when feeding while remaining a discreet nursing cover.
  • The perfect stroller and car seat cover, the neck opening gives easy access to handles and fabric gives a breathable barrier to the elements for your baby.
  • Silky soft baby blanket, wrap, towel, and many other fantastic uses.

Truly a one of a kind product, you will fall in love with your Dria Cover from first touch. With so many uses it will quickly become the favorite go to item for your baby, and you will continue to use it long after you are done nursing.

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