Different Nursing Cover Styles

An Brief Looks at the Pros and Cons of Different Nursing Cover Styles

Nursing Cover Styles

Different Styles of Nursing Covers

With the Dria Cover maternity poncho, you get so much more than just a nursing cover.  It can be used as a stroller cover, car seat cover and so much more.  Not to mention it is the most comfortable and fashionable cover out there and made in the USA.


The Oslo Gets Fashionable This Wardrobe Wednesday

Oslo Nursing Cover Wardrobe Idea

The Oslo Nursing Cover Looking Stylish

Royal Robbins Women’s Traveler Sweater

Short Sleeve T-Shirt Round V-Neck

Big Star Women’s Rikki Lowrise Relaxed Jean Crop In Andalusia

ENZO-61 Strappy High Heel Sandal

Oslo Nursing Cover (Breastfeeding Poncho with Organic Modal Fabric, Grey and Black Stripes)


Wardrobe Wednesday | Nursing Cover Fashion For The Summer

We only have 7 Dublin DRIA Covers Left!  Put together by one of our customers this outfit really lets the Dublin be the center of attention. #DRIACover #Dublin

Dublin Wardrobe Wednesday

Dublin DRIA Cover

SODIAL(R) Lady Metal Single Pin Buckle Stretchy Cinch Band Waist Belt

Levi’s Women’s 524 Triple Needle Skinny Jean

Michael Kors Viola Luggage Ankle Strap Sandal

Wardrobe Wednesday For DRIA : Stay Cool This Summer

Be ready to welcome in the summer with this cool and comfy outfit.

Whether you have a child who needs nursing, or just want to be fashionable and comfortable, this should do the trick. #summer #cool #DriaCover #NursingCover

A DRIA Summer Outfit

Stay Cool This Summer

Solana DRIA Cover








appreciating mom

Mother’s Day has become Mother’s Month

You heard it exactly right!  With your help, we look not only to celebrate Mother’s Day in 2014, but make the month of May, Mother’s Month.   So what is the plan?

With Mother’s Day approaching, many of us are getting our Moms cards, flowers, presents, treats, etc.  (Or we are hoping some, or all the above, is done for us!)  But our moms have been great to us for quite some time and maybe this year they deserve just a little bit more than a day.

Can we all take a step back to reminisce on how impactful our mothers were in our development?  The great things they have taught us over the years?  The values they have instilled in us that we set to instill in our own children?

We would like to hear about how great your mom is or was.  Send a photo (if possible), along with a brief note (100 words max) written about why you love and appreciate your mother so much.

We will repost your image and note to our Facebook page. So please do not send anything you do not want shared.  We want to share an image with a note everyday for the month of May.  We can only make this happen with your help.  Thank you all, in advance, for letting us into your life and sharing your wonderful photos and notes with us.  We look forward to reading about the great values that helped make you such a beautiful person.

Send your photo and note using any of the following methods:

Emailing info@driacover.com, Facebook Direct Messenger (on our Facebook page), or in the comments below.

Thank you!